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You're going to wonder why on earth you didn't do this years ago.
Here at Samyama Life we artfully blend meditation with powerful self enquiry, mindful living and yoga asana to help you heal, grow and step you into the power of your authentic self.

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Hi I'm Sarah and welcome to Samyama Life!

If you are looking for an antidote to the stress of modern life, or just want to clear your perspective .... you're exactly where you need to be.

I didn't always love meditating, and I understand how it feels when you're just starting out.
I've designed our Meditate Right Method to take the guesswork out for you, and help you grow along side your meditation practice from beginner to life long meditator...

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Our Meditate Right Method holistically addresses the three key integrated pillars required for success ...

  • Technique

    Master the essential techniques of meditation which underpin your practice. These will take you from beginners and progress to advanced as your practices grows along side you.

  • Practice

    All the learning in the world remain in theory without a regular and consistent practice. You'll learn how to create a habit of your meditation practice, set and work towards your goals and discover how implement what you learn into your daily life.

  • Self Enquiry

    We guide you through a powerful self enquiry process designed to unlock limiting beliefs, and deepen your self knowledge so you can purposefully set sail in life in the right direction for you. We use a combination of evidence-based mindfulness therapy techniques and traditional eastern practices.

We love our clients and they love us!

100% genuine reviews :)

Loved it!


"This journey was just amazing to me! I definitely got a lot of useful techniques and powerful insights from this experience, that I will want to explore further going forward. The large variation and number of techniques that we got to try assured that there was something to take away for everyone, regardless of focus or previous experience."

Open up a new perspective on life


"Sarah's voice was incredibly smooth and soothing, making the experience all the sweeter. The fact that she was so communicative and helpful throughout the whole journey made the experience feel seamless, enhancing the feeling of actually being on a meditation retreat despite doing it digitally. The digital interface and explanatory material around the sessions made the journey easy to follow, and helped me increase my knowledge to get more benefit out of the meditations. I would recommend this journey to anyone wanting to dive deeper in their practice and open up new perspectives in their life!"

Grateful for this


"This journey in well being through mindfulness and meditation provided an opportunity to review my thinking and to pause and reflect. I am grateful to have been engaged in Sarah's insightful guidance and gentle approaches to release and let go."

The perfect present


"Sarah's Mini Retreat was gifted to me as present and this was the most perfect present i have received. I found the 5 days a time that I could reset my daily self care practice and give myself the time to reflect and be guided by Sarah through the workbooks and daily meditations. I would highly recommend this journey. xx"

So easy to access and use


"Thanks for a mini retreat that forced me to stop, be mindful, nurture myself and have some time just for me. Sarah's voice is so calming and lovely to listen to. It was so easy to access and use and the presentation of the journal/workbook is beautiful."
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