Curious about the tools of Tantric Yoga?

I was too!

When I tried them for the first time, they changed my practice and they have since changed my life.

These are the techniques that advance your practice beyond the physical realm and take you deeper into the true potency and power of the complete yoga practice.

And its there where you find your authentic voice as an embodied yogi, facilitating profoundly moving classes that keep students coming back for more.

Let's light the flame

How the Toolbox works:

You receive a new module with a new practice every month. After a couple of weeks with a new module, we will meet for a private 45-minute one to one session to  share thoughts, lived experiences and lightbulb moments from practice and the teachings.  These private sessions are to make sure all your questions get answered, like the whys and the hows, those little niggly questions that would usually go unanswered, plus the bigger picture about how we can use what we learn in our daily lived experience.    

Tantra's Toolbox is sequenced like this so that you will have time to practice, digest and reflect on the teachings with ample opportunity to have your questions answered before moving to the next module.  I am a big advocate of not rushing and one of the reasons is so that you take the necessary time to really digest and metabolise the content. For it to be impactful, we must be fully experiencing it. (However, if you would prefer to do fortnightly cycles, feel free to let me know and we can discuss this option for you). 

Tantra's Toolbox is not a teacher training program. It is a YOU training, where you get to grow as a person, not only as teacher or practitioner. 

What's covered:

You'll learn the art and science of:

  • Month 1: Dynamic Asana - learn how dynamic asana can bridge the physical realm into the energetic and impact the nervous system profoundly. Learn which foundational poses  to work with in this approach and how to implement them into your practice or sequence.

  • Month 2: Pranayama - techniques, breathing ratios and reshaping of your energetic landscape through systematic work.  Understand how to link breath ratios into your asana to create specific impacts as well as stand alone practices. You'll learn how to work with inhale, exhale and breath suspensions and retentions, plus how to understand and write pranayama ratios.

  • Month 3: Bandha - introduction to how to access and use three energetic locks (watch your practice evolve like never before). We link the three bandhas into asana so that you can begin to practice and use these tools as your connection with energy grows. 

  • Month 4: Meditation - Learn the art and science of meditation and experience how this connectivity and spaciousness can forever change you. Learn the theory behind meditation as well as key techniques to understand and work constructively with your mind.

  • Month 5: Mantra - for love, for connectivity, for power, strength and vitality. There is no more beautiful way to experience life than at the level of pranava - the primordial sound. Learn the art of Tantric mantra meditation.  In module 5, we begin to weave these teachings together with a BONUS training on sequencing, to leave you with the knowledge of how to construct your own practices.

  • Month 6 : The inner ritual of Kriya - active techniques that allow you to clear, build, alchemise and create new states of being. These are powerful experiences and you'll get to select a practice here that you carry forward from the mentorship as your own personal sadhana. In this final month together, we will also look at applied practice and case studies on how to best apply sequences to real life.

  • Once a month, you also receive a private session with Sarah for  discussion and questions.

What's included:

  • Monthly recorded practice to learn and embody the techniques.
  • Monthly live one to one mentoring calls via zoom where we discuss the teachings and share reflections 
  • A super awesome (if i do say so myself!) Tantra's Toolbox Users Guide, to help you metabolise and digest the teachings, with lots of self-enquiry reflections and prompts provided
  • Guidance and advice on how to integrate yogic philosophies and practices into your daily life
  • Certificate of completion

Who can do it:

Tantra's Toolbox is open to teachers and anyone interested in deepening their practice. To participate you need to have a regular yoga practice and be willing to commit to practice a minimum of 4 times a week during the 6 months.


You can expect to finish with a theoretical and practical  understanding of six essential tools of Tantric Yoga. But what you might not be expecting, is the profound growth and maturation of you as a human being that comes through this work. As your understanding of the energetic practices begins to take seed, you'll develop a sensitivity to working with prana, a sense of reorientation in life towards embodied authenticity, a depth and skilfulness in your practice, renewed inspiration and energy, and deep appreciation for the remarkable wisdom of Ayurveda, Tantra and Yoga.

Ready to dive in?

Lets do it. 3 or 6 month study options are available. and handy payment plans are too.

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