I'm a 500hr certified yoga teacher of the Himalayan Tradition, ocean lover and Mama of two based in Perth, Western Australia.

I'm also a Meditation Teacher and Vedic Counsellor in training.

Having taught for over a decade, I'm known for my passionate yet accessible approach to the ancient teachings of Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda.

As much as I love studying these ancient philosophies, I am a firm believer that these teachings are best put to use off the yoga mat ...

In 2011 I discovered the teachings of the Himalayan Masters and knew that I had found my spiritual home in them. 

These Sri Vidya-based teachings are deep and profound and over the following years I continued to study them and apply them to my own practice and life. I have completed over 500 hours of training as a yoga teacher, am a certified meditation teacher, have a passion for ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), am a former certified Para Yoga teacher and currently training to be a Vedic Counsellor with Dr David Frawley.

I hold a bachelor degree in communication and am a certified Design Thinking practitioner.  I'm also a gypsy at heart having travelled and worked around the globe in diverse capacities - running  a grass-roots NGO in Southern Africa, facilitating yoga retreats in Indonesia and leading a sustainability innovation program for a large multinational in Australia. But throughout my life, yoga has been my life-long love affair and the thread that has woven it all together. 

 As founder of Samyama Life, I am committed to enabling my students to brighten the light of their own self-knowledge and love sharing the life-changing wisdom and practices of the Himalayan tradition. I teach as a vehicle for reconnection with the authentic self and my aim is not to help you touch your toes, but rather help you illuminate your unique path forward without the masks and pretences that so many of us unconsciously pick up along the way. 

 You can attend a public class with me here in Perth, or take a deep dive in these incredible teachings in one of my mentoring programs.

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