I work with yoga practitioners and teachers who are ready to step into the power and radiance of their own authentic self.

It takes courage to take full responsibility for your own pathway forward in life. But with the right practices in place, and a supportive teacher, the rewards can be life changing.

I offer group programs and one-to-one sessions. Details on current workshops and classes live in Perth can be found via the gram @samyamalife

Sarah Rollins

TANTRA'S TOOLBOX: Ignite your practice, transform your life

Its here! The mentoring program to inspire and ignite the flame of Tantra in your practice and your teaching

If your yoga practice has reached a plateau and you are ready to take it deeper, Tantra's Toolbox is your pathway forward. Designed as a walk through essential Tantric Yoga techniques, you will learn not only how they work and why they work, but what they mean in the context of your practice and your life. These teachings come from a meditation-based mishra school of right hand Tantra.

Lets get personal

Sometimes no matter how much we study, and how dedicated we are, we just need a little of someone else's light to illuminate things in a different way.

One-to-one sessions are designed to help you shift through stagnation, habitual patterning and more, both in a your practice and broader life. Drawing extensively from Tantric and Vedic wisdom bodies, discover how you can grow through one-to-one sessions which include vichara, sankalpa, soul mapping & relevant hatha yoga tools.

It's 2021, and my friends, meditation is officially sexy ...

Life moves pretty darn quick these days, yet may of us have never considered being systematic about managing our state of mind. Meditation has the keys to a new way of relating to your thoughts and feelings. Turn inward with me and take control of your own pathway forward with these offerings.

  • $14.00 / month

    $14.00 / monthSamyama Life Library

    Continue your meditation practice with our amazing and very special Samyama Life Audio Library. Available on monthly subscription only.
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  • $29.00

    $29.00Opening to Meditation

    This is a beautiful meditation pack to use as an entry point into the art of meditation. You'll get a workbook plus a recorded Meditation Workshop where you learn how to select the right meditation for your state of mind, set your goals and understand how to create a habit of your practice. It also includes 10 meditations to inspire and kick start your practice.
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